Objectives & Strategy
  • - Were the project objectives clearly stated and did the team have an understanding of how the objectives relate to longer-term business objectives?
  • - What strategy was used to achieve the objectives?
  • - Did the project team demonstrate more than just best practice or use a new or innovative approach to achieving the objectives?
  • - How creativel was the project executed and implemented to produce exceptional performance?
Effectiveness & Business Results
  • - How successful was the project in relation to the original objectives?
  • - Results need to include robusst data pertaining to:
    > Return on Investment
    > Brand awareness
    > Increased sales

    Intense scruitiny during the judging process ensures that winning submissions reflect the industry's best owrk and reward the creatives and brands successfully using innovation to push interactive to new levels.

    The DIGIXX Awards screening committee - comprising senior marketing and media professionals - will evaluate and score each submission. Every entry is evaluated by multiple committee members to ensure an accurate, thorough review. The five entries with the highest scores become the finalists for each category. Finalists will be notified.

    Please make your submisison concise, but provide enough relevant background information to enable the judges to make an informed choice. Entries will not be returned to the sender. Every care will be taken of the material submitted, but the organiser accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of the material.

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